Hello families, In the link below, there is a Parent and Family Engagement survey. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and let Tucker County Schools know where we stand with parent involvement. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!!! https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=S7AZ4AwzekaLrgn7FzdNauJUnZUCfEhDjbtTTVfmwHBUN1RJN01RSUU5OUpKQ1BZQklEWTZHTUlSRC4u
11 days ago, Julia Burnside
Thursday May 11th freshman and sophomore students will complete spring SAT benchmarking. Juniors and seniors do not have to come to school that day, as it will be a remote learning day for them. Teachers will provide work to take home, or will put it on Google Classroom for them to complete on Thursday. This makes up for the day in April in which junior students had to come to school, and others received a virtual day. Seniors may also use this day as their last opportunity to complete any required volunteer hours or community service hours.
about 1 month ago, James Cork
Bus 14A is running about 30 minutes late this morning due to some mechanical issues.
about 1 month ago, Alicia Lambert
Due to the winter storm warning and expected snow accumulation in our higher elevations all TC schools will operate on a 2 hour delay tomorrow (5/2/23). The situation will be reassessed in the morning and if necessary an additional call will be made.
about 1 month ago, Julia Burnside
Reminder…starting tomorrow 4/6 thru 4/10 we will be on Spring Break! Enjoy your time and hopefully you will get to enjoy some nice weather too. The board office will be closed on Friday 4/7.
2 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Late last night we were alerted about a potential issue at TCHS. In order to allow our local law enforcement time to investigate and ensure the safety of our staff and students we issued a remote learning day for today March 27, 2023. I am happy to report that the investigation showed that there was no threat to our school or any of our staff/students. We would like to take this opportunity to praise our students for doing the right thing and bringing this to our attention. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. Remember if you see something say something!
2 months ago, Julia Burnside
All TCHS students will have a remote day of learning tomorrow (3/27). Staff is to report at normal time and DTEMS and TVEMS will operate as a normal day.
3 months ago, Alicia Lambert
The TCHS boys basketball send off will be delayed one hour, they will now be leaving at 12:30 pm due to weather conditions.
3 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Any Tucker County Schools student who does NOT ride the activity bus to Charleston for the girls game today, but comes with their family, will need to sign in with Mr. Rapp at the game in order for your absence to be excused. Excused absences will only be issued for the days that the girls are playing in Charleston this week. Mr. Rapp will be near the student section.
3 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Update: The high school has been inspected by law enforcement with no signs of a bomb. The area has been cleared and deemed safe. Students are now returning to classes.
4 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Tucker County High School has been evacuated due to a bomb threat message left on a bathroom mirror. All students and staff are safe and away from the building. Students are not permitted to leave at this time until police authorities investigate and interview potential witnesses. A team is currently in route to check the school and once cleared students will be able to return to classes. Students were not permitted to take their cell phones as they could be used as a detonation device. Please do not panic if you can’t reach your child. They are all safe and secure. We will post updates as we receive information.
4 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Reminder…NO SCHOOL for students tomorrow (2/21). It is a Professional Learning Day for staff.
4 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Due to the anticipated windchill in our higher elevations all Tucker County Schools will operate on a 2 hour delay tomorrow 2/3. If windchills do not improve an additional call will be issued in the morning.
4 months ago, Julia Burnside
Attention Bus 9B (Julie Hulls bus) will not be running today (1/17). If you can get your child to school please do so, if not, please call the school and it will be marked as an excused absence. We apologize for the inconvenience.
5 months ago, Alicia Lambert
All Tucker County Schools will be operating on a 2 hour delay today due to icy conditions in our higher elevations.
5 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!
7 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Thanksgiving Break
Due to a recent update from the National Weather Service, Tucker County Schools will be dismissing 3 hours early, beginning at noon, due to impending ice. There will be no after school activities.
7 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Parking for the game will not be permitted until after 4:30 today when the offices close. If you have already parked your vehicle near the bus garage please come and move it immediately. Our buses have to be able to get in and out for our after school program.
7 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Reminder: No School tomorrow (11/8) due to Election Day.
7 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Please join us in celebrating this fantastic teacher! Ms. Zimmerman is an English teacher at Tucker County High School and was named Tucker County’s Teacher of the Year. Ms. Zimmerman is a true representation of a teacher and a tremendous asset to our county. She has devoted her life to education and the students who have been blessed to have her as a teacher constantly sing her praises. Thank you Ms. Zimmerman for your commitment to the students of Tucker County. Today and everyday we are grateful for YOU!
9 months ago, Alicia Lambert
Ms. Zimmerman